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Transport occupies an important place in the economic and commercial development of countries. It is a sector which plays an essential role in the indirect development of other sectors and enables the creation of thousands of jobs. To find out more about the place of this area, here is a lot of information on the place of road transport in the economy.

What is the importance of road transport in the economy?

The transport sector occupies a prominent place in the economic and commercial development of countries. It favors the obtaining of various goods. Moreover, many businesses depend on this service. The most used branch is land transport. Indeed, road transport in the economy allows the creation of jobs and the transfer of all types of products.

CTS provides professionals in Dreux (28) in the road freight transport sector who carry out all types of transfers nationally and internationally. Its services contribute greatly to the economic affairs of France and facilitate exchanges thanks to the road transport of fragile and heavy packages .

Dreux (28) is a town that covers an area of ​​24.3 km2. It is located in the Eure-et-Loir department in the Centre-Val de Loire region. The main rivers that cross the town are the Rivière la Blaise, the Rivière l’Avre and the Ruisseau Saint-Maurice. It is known for these historical moments such as the 12th century Romanesque house and the 18th century Hôtel de Salvat-Duhalde.

Figures on road transport 

International transport indicates that approximately 70% of goods in the European Union are transported by road. Turnover in France amounts to approximately 173 billion tonne-kilometres, or 8.9% of the European total, which makes it the fourth country in the EU in terms of road transport. Road transport in the economy accounts for 90% of freight transport and over 400,000 jobs. These data indicate the importance of this type of transport for the economic impulse of the nation, of each of the exporting companies and of those that move within the country.

Many movements of goods take place on the national territory. France exchanges a large quantity of products with the countries of the European Union by road. The magnitude of the percentages indicates the need for the support required by a sector that contributes to such an extent to the growth of the Spanish and European economy.

Importance for business

Road transport has gained weight among the options chosen by SMEs, VSEs, ETIs and multinationals when it comes to shipping and transporting goods and other products. The innovations developed thanks to the accelerated evolution of new technologies have served to energize this modality. It is possible to ship any type of substance, material, product or merchandise, whether it is dangerous, delicate, heavy or bulky. In addition, new tracking systems provide increasingly detailed information on location, route and estimated delivery time, providing reliability and confidence, especially in international transactions.

This service pays 8 billion euros in taxes to the state budget each year and is also less expensive and more flexible. Its greater accessibility and versatility in collecting goods compared to other means, such as sea, air or rail, make it one of the most practical options and sometimes the only one possible. Road transport plays a fundamental role in multimodal travel, in the loading of goods from one collection point to another

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