Alcohol Use Disorder


Alcohol addiction is a sign of concern, not only for the user but also for people around them. Addiction can cause many ill effects on your body that can even take away your precious life. Though this doesn’t seem to be non-treatable, but can be dangerous if no steps are taken at the right time.

There are many such facilities that can help you i.e. alcohol detox. Detox to Rehab offers you various addiction programs that can support you and your partner. They are an online directory where you can find many reputable and quality resources.

Here are some signs to help you identify if the person you love is undergoing such alcohol addiction:

  • They will look out for functions or social activities that serve drinks. You will always find them going to places where there are drinks or surrounding themselves with people who are also drunkards.
  • Alcohol is both a sedative and a depressant. It can affect your central nervous system and can help you relieve stress. Therefore, many alcohol users, use alcohol as a stress reliever. They also use it to treat other mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.
  • People usually have drinks with their dinner. But an addicted person will have alcohol cravings at any time of the day whether it is morning, mid-afternoon, or night.
  • You might find some personality changes in this individual. A person with AUD will always become aggressive and rude after some drinks, while he seems to be calm and kind at normal times.
  • One thing that will be difficult for his/her loved ones is that they will start spending lesser or no time with you. This AUD will also be affecting their relationship in office space too. In short, it will affect all the different areas of their life.
  • They might drink whatever is available and not stick to something that they like.
  • They might spend a lot of money on buying drinks.
  • You will not see any signs of intoxication even after consuming a larger amount of alcohol.

These people are difficult to be understood as they will always have mood swings and personalities, which make them difficult to be accepted by others. Alcohol will become their weakness within days making it difficult for us to live with them.

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