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For an authentic trip to the heart of nature, discovering French Guiana is one of the most suitable destinations. Located in the north of the South American continent, this island is, for the most part, covered with tropical forest.

Relatively spared from mass tourism, this small French territory seduces as much by its calm as by its preserved state and its natural beaches. For all those in search of authenticity, it is undoubtedly a true paradise.

Looking for adventure? Find here our advice to prepare well and to bring together the best conditions to discover French Guiana.

Discover French Guiana: The essentials to plan

Book accommodation

Even for the most adventurous, providing accommodation is a necessity.

In urban areas, it is possible to find an AirBnB. For those who have the courage to go inside the island to discover the villages, the carbets, traditional Amerindian dwellings are an experience worth living see the eiretrip attractions .

A means of travel

To guarantee a relatively comfortable stay and give yourself the means to discover Guyana in its most authentic corners, it is essential to have a vehicle. An air-conditioned vehicle provides good protection from the island heat and helps prevent getting exhausted too quickly.

The main points of interest on the island are also quite distant from each other and there is no reliable public transport network. In addition, a sudden rain can thwart the plans at any time and dampen the enthusiasm of the most daring people who plan to do without a car .

For all these reasons and for autonomy in travel, it is imperative to reserve a vehicle. Trifty Antilles is a car rental agency in Guyana that allows you to make this reservation online, before arriving.

For those who do not have an adventurous soul, the agency also provides offers suitable for family holidays, all at attractive rates.

On the wardrobe side, cotton clothes

To discover Guyana with maximum ease, cotton clothes are not just an option: they are highly recommended. This material, ideal in a climate of humid heat conducive to perspiration, offers the necessary protection without accentuating the feeling of heat.

It is preferred for both outfits and underwear.

The accessories to provide

Tropical heat is well known to be accompanied by mosquitoes. Faced with this combination which can prove to be trying, essential accessories are to be expected:

Anti-mosquito products;

Solar cream ;

protective cap;


To this, do not neglect to add a water bottle or any other container suitable for containing water in order to quench your thirst regularly. For outings in the forest, comfortable shoes, binoculars or even a machete will be useful allies.

Other arrangements to be made

Precautions before departure

It is preferable to discover the treasures of French Guiana in a period that actually lends itself to discovery. To do this, it is necessary to take an interest in the climatic seasons that prevail on the island:

The period from July to November is characterized by a dry season, conducive to tourism;

Between January and February, the small rainy season is also the carnival period on the island;

From March to April, the rains offer a slight respite and we observe a return of the sun.

Everyone chooses from these periods, the one that suits them best in order to discover French Guiana and its assets in the desired light. Click here to find places worth visiting on this Caribbean island.

Among the essential formalities before considering the trip, you must be able to prove your vaccination against yellow fever. Without a health record attesting to this, it is impossible to embark for Guyana.

The budget to plan

For a comfortable stay protected from any unpleasant surprises, it is recommended to provide 50 euros per day and per person. Daily life on the island is indeed a little more expensive than in mainland France.

For extras, excursions and restaurant meals, you also need to plan a dedicated budget. This is the price to pay to discover Guyana.

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