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Motor insurance in Tunisia is compulsory for any type of land motor vehicle. Whether it’s a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, it guarantees compensation for damage caused to others during an accident. All other warranties are optional. To choose the auto insurance or motorcycle insurance contract you need, you must take into account the value of the vehicle, its age, its condition and the use you make of it. Each vehicle will be insured according to its profile, but the profile of the driver must also be taken into account. Indeed a young driver will not be insured in the same way as a driver who has experience. The bonus/malus also plays its part. There are several formulas which make it possible to be insured in Tunisia, they are divided into three stages.

Minimum liability insurance

The first degree of insurance available will allow you to be taken care of for your civil liability in order to guarantee you compensation in the event of an accident to cover the damage caused to others but also to people in your vehicle. This minimum insurance will allow you to be able to drive with complete peace of mind, knowing that if something happens to you, you will be covered and paid for by the company for any material damage and bodily injury that you may cause to a third party ( other driver, pedestrian, passenger, etc. in the context of an at-fault accident. Generally, the minimum covered will be the fire and water damage guarantee. Since July 2020, the Tunisia car insurance price 2021was increased by 30 dinars in order to cover the fire guarantee without deficit.

Intermediate third-party insurance

This degree of insurance is a way to be better covered than the previous one by paying less than the next one. It is a formula that allows you to add optional guarantees such as the guarantee against theft while not having the obligation to take all the reimbursements provided for with the next stage. Very often, third-party insurance allows you to combine your own needs according to your vehicle and profile while not being obliged to take out all-risk insurance, which will cost 25% more. It is important to check carefully before signing your contract that adding optional options will not give you the price of insurance to pay, which would be more expensive than if you took out all-risk insurance directly.

All risk insurance

With this last formula available , all-risk insurance covers, as its name suggests, any type of claim or damage. You will therefore be open to the maximum and you can also extend the guarantees to damage resulting from forces of nature such as floods, storms, hailstorms or riots and popular uprisings. This insurance contract will be the most complete and will cover the most damage caused to a third party but also suffered by yourself, your passengers or your vehicle. In addition to the civil liability guarantee, you can find the following guarantees:

A damage guarantee that covers damage related to a collision, an act of vandalism, etc.

Theft guarantee

A fire warranty

Glass breakage warranty

natural disaster cover

A technological catastrophe guarantee

A storm guarantee

An attack and act of terrorism guarantee

It is necessary to pay attention according to the guarantees chosen, you will be able to find an amount of a deductible to be paid which will not be supported by the compensation of the insurance company. To better find your way around, make insurance quotes before signing the contracts.

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