Quite frequently we come across the term BSE SENSEX or simply SENSEX, here in this article we’ll assist you regarding what it actually means and how do you keep yourself updated with the market and bse sensex stocks live in light of the Indian share market.

Originally coined by Deepak Mohoni, a stock market analyst in 1989, the word SENSEX is a portmanteau of the words Sensitive and Index. The BSE SENSEX is primarily a performance tracker of 30 well-established and the most actively traded companies, listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in India.

Not only are these companies one of the largest and most actively traded but also concurrently represent several industrial sectors of the Indian economy. Where BSE Sensex helps deliver a quick overview of the stock market’s performance and is one of the largest security markets based in Mumbai.

What is a stock market index?

A stock market index measures and indicates the performance and changes in the financial markets where data is collected from various companies across industries to form a gist to compare and contrast share price levels in past to evaluate current market performance (in general a weighted average).

How does it help you?

In simple words, stock market indices significantly help you pick the right stocks. Consisting of several companies picking the right stock from the share market can be a daunting task. A benchmark index not only helps you differentiate between stocks easily but also gives you a wider picture of the shares of a company based on their industry type, financial size and much more.

Apart from cutting down tedious tasks BSE improves the confidence of small investors or beginners as the prices reflected are arrived on a basis of demand and supply, that effectively reflects the real value of the security.

BSE therefore, provides an efficient yet transparent market for trading and is considered the barometer of the Indian market designed to safeguard market integrity and equally ensure transparency in operations for the investors.

Top gainers

Gainers in simple language are stocks that stand at a higher price than their previous close price in an intraday market. Top gainers nse  are those stocks that have the highest increase in price during a day and are calculated by evaluating the percentage increase of share price on a single market day from its opening price.

What is its significance?

Top gainers are updated on a real-time basis and provides you with a summarized intraday trading activity without making the process seem tedious or time-consuming. This facilitates the investor to compare the performance of the daily gainers list and come to a conclusion on what stocks to invest in effectively.

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